Life In Christ Christian Center

"Widsom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding." - Proverbs 4:7
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WELCOME to Life in Christ Christian Center
We are delighted that you chose to visit our website! God’s Word imparted from this ministry will transform your life with power! 

At Life in Christ Christian Center (LICCC), we teach the Word of God in a way that is revelant and applicable for everday living. As you use God's Word as your manual for living, the manifestation of His truths will inevitably change your soul. Applying His Word is as important as eating, because it affects your ability to thrive and succeed in life. There is no Life without Christ! 

We are committed to make certain that your soul is transformed ensuring that your spirit is revitalized and filled with God's Word. It is gratifying to have the opportunity to minister a relevant Word that gives you life’s answers that you've been earnestly seeking!!! We invite you to join us as we worship and fellowship every Wednesday and Sunday. Please review our calendar for more information.

May God be Glorified!!!
Senior Pastor Dr. James E. Gainey Sr. & First Lady Lena M. Gainey
Life In Christ Christian Center